Queens, NY

The year 2018 was our 6th consecutive one holding the big contest in Astoria, Queens, and it couldn’t have turned out any better! Thanks to everyone who came out to support, shred, and watch the contest. It was one for the books! The weather was phenomenal, the skaters came with their best tricks, and skaters came from as far as Massachusetts and Washington state.

Monster Energy & Belief NYC came to support as our major partners, making the event that much better and easier for everyone. Major shout out to Steven Braund for flying out from Portland, OR to help behind the scenes of the entire contest weekend.

The local love from the nearby skate scene combined with those who traveled in made this event such a great one for everyone involved. We love you all! We already can’t wait for the lucky 7th annual event. All the skaters were vibing together, so we combined Student and Non-student Divisions. Our big Top Three are getting the full box treatment from NikeSB! Here’s how the contest ultimately panned out:

Contest Results:

Youth Division:

  1. Bea

  2. Arthur

  3. Gwen

Main Division:

  1. Nicholas “Nico” Ramos (@back3n1co) - Satellite Academy student

  2. Cooper Ackley (@coopack299) - UMass Amherst student

  3. Alberto Olivier (@inandromeda)

  4. Rene Searles (@hesh_dumpling)

  5. Bryan Pascual (@stillbussin)

* Honorable Mention to Richard Hatten of Grantham University for ripping through his jetlag and attending his third U.S. state for a Collegiate Skate Tour event. The only one he hasn’t done well in is SoCal!

Many thanks to Tahiti Abdul for all of the great photos and Chris Nadzeijko for filming and editing the contest video.

Raffie Gordon and Max Mueller helped in the (incredibly difficult) judging efforts, with some help from our own Keegan Guizard. Keegan also held down the microphone as the event MC.

Thanks again to everyone came out to kick it, skate the contest, and show love on October 7th!

Our sponsors are the best! THANK YOU:

Monster Energy

Belief NYC


Almost Skateboards

Ambush Board Co.

Bones Wheels


enjoi Skateboards

Nike SB

Outdoor Tech

Real Skateboards



Spitfire Wheels

Thunder Trucks

Transworld Skateboarding

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