Rye, NH

In early April, we headed north from Raleigh, NC, with our sights on Rye Airfield in Rye, NH! They have the largest indoor park in New England! So we knew we were in for something special.

The park was tight, with everything from a proper street plaza to fun flow bowls & mini ramps of all sizes to a full-size competition vert ramp!

The kids came out in mass and were stoked to get down on the street course! Also, it was pretty fun to have the product toss & awards from the top of the vert ramp. The edit speaks for itself.

The results are in:


1. Trey Hancock
2. Josh Dirksen
3. Alex Salter
4. Zach Kannoy


1. Josh Littlefield
2. Blayne Patterson
3. Jacob Grey
4. Nathan Natezinski

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Credit to Matt Miller for great work on the video edit and Dan Modern on the photos!

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