Gainesville, FL

Every trip to Florida is a real treat, and this year was no different! In addition to our usual Student & Non-student Divisions, we included a Youth Division to start things off. And we think the kids are gonna be alright...

Students and non-students of all ages came from every part of the state, as usual. Rippers made road trips from near & far, and the locals of Gainesville came out in numbers.

We were glad to have Monster Energy hooking up beverages for everyone! Also, Southeast Car Agency of Gainesville showed love & support as a partner in the event. Major Thanks!

The one & only Billy Rohan hosted and MCed all day long! It was a real treat to have local legend Dante DeBose, UF Club President Noah Amico, and former UF students Derek Evans & Brandon Cole judging the contest.

Here’s who ended up on top:

College Division:

1. Kevin Reed

- student at Santa Fe College

2. Collin "Sweaty" Schwann

- student at University of Florida

3. Nick DuBois

- student at Santa Fe College

Non-College Division:

1. Matt Savidakis

- Palm Harbor, FL

2. Sly Sullivan

- STUDENT (late entry) at University of South Florida

- Palm Harbor, FL

3. Jesten Vick

- Newberry, FL

Youth Division:

1. Colin Baker

- Lakeland, FL

2. Kaleb Paul

- Lakeland, FL

3. Aaron Young

- Gainesville, FL

After the main event, we moved our attention to three Best Trick jams (on the bowl, euro gap, and then the stair section) followed by a rowdy product toss.

The VIDEO was filmed by Alex Baucom (@alex.baucom) & edited by Daewon Guerra (@eds.war).

All of our awesome PHOTOS were taken by Daewon Guerra (@eds.war).


Monster Energy

Southeast Car Agency

& the Gator Skateboarding Club

AND to all of our other SPONSORS:

Almost Skateboards

Ambush Board Co.

Blind Skateboards

Bones Wheels


enjoi Skateboards

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