Atlanta, GA

Ambush riders came up from Kennesaw and destroyed it! Also, big ups and honorable mention to Payton Rinker. The little ripper killed both sections that day! The community came out with strength and showed the Tour what their scene is all about!

Standings were:

1. Trey “Catnip” Abad
2. Rashad
3. Zeke Logan

Street section:
1. Zeke Logan
2. Trey “Catnip” Abad
3. Ira Canada

Georgia showed us southern hospitality and sweet times for sure. Props to all that came out and made the day great!

Big thanks to and all of our sponsors: Ambig Clothing, Ambush Board Co., Diamond Supply Co., DVS Shoes, Elevated Clothing, Foundation Skateboards, Herschel Supply Co., Krew Apparel, Pig Wheels, Primitive Apparel, Revolve Skateshop, Skull Candy, Supra Footwear, Toy Machine Skateboards, Tribe Skateboards, Truck Grip Tape, and Zoo York Skateboards.

Also, much thanks to Mazza of Ambush for the filming/editing!