Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Our return to Southern California did NOT disappoint! Collegiate Skate Tour's first contest in the Inland Empire region was a success - thanks to Active Ride Shop for hosting.

The Active HQ Park still seemed to have some of the magic from the previous night's Plan B demo, and the talent at our contest made for a great show!

A strong turnout from NSSL riders in the area reminds us that Collegiate Skate Tour's future is bright!

Coming up to the podium:


1. Daniel Munoz
2. Ty Key
3. Jacob Bignneli


1. Riley Greer
2. Dylan Sullivan
3. Chris Morales

Thanks to all our sponsors:

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Thanks to Sam Valdez for the video work!

Photography by Chris Pizzitola - Piizzi.com.

Props again to Active Ride Shop!

Thanks for watching!